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Blueit has chosen to base its Strategy on Digital Innovation and transformation related to the areas of Digital Business Solutions, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility and Digital Security.

Because we know that Digital Technology enables new business models, allows us to create new opportunities and opens the door to new markets.
The challenges related to the transformation of organizations and professions are important and are urgent, but the incentives are enormous and fragmented.

The speed with which the market environment evolves does not allow a reactive and observation approach: it is the right time to start.

This is why Blueit represents the Digital Innovation Partner ideal for those who want to gather opportunities related to new technological trends.
Thanks to its expertise in the process, its experience in management and IT services, its knowledge of the problems typical of some sectors in which it works closely with the business, the company has built a portfolio of Innovative Solutions thanks to the collaboration with its Digital Partners.
We know your business and we have selected the most suitable innovation solutions for you with trusted partners.
We accompany you in digital transformation, guiding you and taking you quickly to seize all the opportunities.


blueit: your Digital Journey made easy


Reventoo – Platform for the Management of Retail Activities and Events
Sonar – Customer Engagement Management via SecondScreen content management
MediaSync – Customer Experience Management and Audio / Video Digital Signage for Fashion and Retail stores
CRM-Mobile – Simple and flexible CRM management from your portable device
Omnia – Innovative platform for the digitalization of business processes
Light h24 Monitoring – Economical monitoring of systems and infrastructures
Business Continuity – Management of innovative DR environments

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