I B M B e a c o n A w a r d s 2 0 1 6 :
Blueit nomination for the
Outstanding Community Service Award

an innovative digital engagement strategy

The Purpose

Fund Raising is the main activity of any NGO in keeping alive the organization in the pursuit of its goals and mission. Traditional methodology has a very poor return for some targets in the donors’ population. Specifically Millennials are very difficult to engage using traditional methods.

Blueit S.p.A. answered a call from the rock band “Planet Funk” to support a Save the Children Italy campaign in order to raise awareness about the infant mortality issue. The message and awareness are reinforced by the launch of their new single “We People”, with the band on stage again after 3 years. A special project has been designed and planned in order to build a specific APP which would spread the new single asking the band fans (and other local celebrities) to contribute and have the chance to appear in the official video.

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The project is composed by a “social video-uploading” application for smartphones, based on a cloud-scalable infrastructure (IBM SoftLayer) fully managed by Blueit S.p.A. The infrastructure has three different layers (Upload Section, Editing Section, Streaming Section) and is able to collect and manage thousands of 5-seconds video frames simultaneously and mount them in a sequence, where people can record themselves giving a “high-five” (the application project name) to the camera. The final composition will be the official video for the new single “We People” by Planet Funk – Streamed online h24 at wepeople.net.

This way they can connect and check the video in live streaming, sharing and engaging mates and friends via the Social Channels.
At the end of the video stream they will be shown a specific call-to-action inviting them to share the video with friends and donate “a coin” (2€) for the campaign. The idea is to create a solidarity community that virtually “high-fives” each other from any part of the world to join and sustain the project.

The Method