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Blueit has chosen to base its Strategy on Digital Innovation and transformation related to the areas of Digital Business Solutions, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility and Digital Security.

Because we know that Digital Technology enables new business models, allows us to create new opportunities and opens the door to new markets.
The challenges related to the transformation of organizations and professions are important and are urgent, but the incentives are enormous and fragmented.

The speed with which the market environment evolves does not allow a reactive and observation approach: it is the right time to start.

This is why Blueit represents the Digital Innovation Partner ideal for those who want to gather opportunities related to new technological trends.
Thanks to its expertise in the process, its experience in management and IT services, its knowledge of the problems typical of some sectors in which it works closely with the business, the company has built a portfolio of Innovative Solutions thanks to the collaboration with its Digital Partners.
We know your business and we have selected the most suitable innovation solutions for you with trusted partners.
We accompany you in digital transformation, guiding you and taking you quickly to seize all the opportunities.


blueit: your Digital Journey made easy


Reventoo – Platform for the Management of Retail Activities and Events


The cloud-based platform for the management of processes related to the communication of events and point of sales.

REVENTOO is the platform for organizing and managing communication and related processes on traditional channels such as sales points, sales networks, event locations. Using REVENTOO is possible to:
  •   Manage and coordinate b2b and b2c events: road shows, conferences, store events, promotions, training
  •   Collect customer and prospect data during events, to be integrated with the CRM
  •   Coordinate and manage the communication of presentations and internal media such as visual and showcases.
  •   Train visual merchandisers, sellers, share best practices.
  •   Monitor results and performance
  •   Share and distribute communication materials

Simplify and standardize communication processes, manage training, ensure compliance with guidelines and brand equity, optimize investments and reduce costs, integrate with existing information systems, monitor results and get information quickly and accurately to support decisions are the questions we wanted to answer by developing Reventoo.

PFor any futher information visit the website: https://www.reventoo.com

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Sonar – Customer Engagement Management via SecondScreen content management

SONAR is an engagement application that is based on an audio recognition system (like Shazam) and is able to recognize an audio signal (a promo, a spot, a jingle, a song) broadcasting by TV or Radio, generating an automatic feedback on the smartphone of every single listener that can be a competition, a win-win or a premium content.

SONAR is a solution that defines itself as SECOND SCREEN

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MediaSync – Customer Experience Management and Audio / Video Digital Signage for Fashion and Retail stores

Radio, Digital Signage and Home Automation solutions in store

New media for communication and the customer experience instore, synchronizing music, video and home automation solutions.

Radio instore: a wide selection of music channels updated daily, with insertion of your advertising, the “sound logo” of your sign and shop-by-store personalization.

Digital Signage: your videos distributed and managed in every shop with a full outsourcing service (hardware, management, video creation, technical assistance) and with the possibility to synchronize radio and video.

Domotica Retail: synchronization of audio and audio-video schedules with lighting control functions, fragrance diffusers, second screens and dedicated apps.

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CRM-Mobile – Simple and flexible CRM management from your portable device

The innovative solution for a CRM accessible from Android and iOS devices.

CRM Mobile is a business application with logic and management functionality.

Helping your company to improve customer and contact management throughout the pre and post sales way.

The strengths are the ease of use, the profiling of data by type of user, the use on the move even without an Internet connection, the ability to synchronize data with your own management, integration with all the features of your device, such as the calendar of activities, sending emails, calling, taking photos, videos and seeing the position of their customers on the map.

With CRM Mobile, you can analyze business data through business intelligence dashboards and make decisions efficiently and precisely.

For futher information visit the product website: www.crm-mobile.it

or send an e-mail to info@devsoftware.it

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Omnia – Innovative platform for the digitalization of business processes

Innovative platform for the digitalization of business processes

The application platform Omnia allows you to design, monitor and execute business processes with the aim of reducing costs and getting new revenue opportunities with digitization and mobilization. Omnia is also an application platform that allows you to replace or mobilize, quickly and with reduced costs, applications in use in any department (sales, marketing, HR, store, IT, etc.), by now obsolete. Omnia offers a series of smart applications, ie complete applications, compliant with the reference Best Practices.
In particular:

  •   IT Service Desk – compliant with ITIL v3
  •   IT Service Catalog – compliant with ITIL v3
  •   Project & Portfolio Management
  •   Asset Management

Omnia generates new connections between people, digital tools, processes, technologies and systems to allow continuous improvement of products and services based on the innovative and real needs of consumers. It allows to create a real Customer Centric company. It allows you to have a 360-degree analysis in real time and always updated data to facilitate and speed up business decisions.

It allows to eliminate bottlenecks and silos, to preserve the IT investment already realized by integrating with it and renewing it where necessary (social, mobile, etc.).

Omnia’s vailability both in the cloud and on premises, in an exclusive or hybrid way, and its multilingual web-based interface allow to create an effective collaborative environment between companies / partners of different sizes and located in different countries.

Particular attention is dedicated to the user experience that shows all the advantages of usability, functionality and speed of the best experiences of modern social and e-commerce, to allow rapid use both to business users and IT.

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Light h24 Monitoring – Economical monitoring of systems and infrastructures

The monitoring service 7 × 24 of your IT systems at low prices, which allows you to minimize the risk of disruption and business interruptions, situations that could potentially damage the business of your company. Specifically, we have the ability to perform a continuous monitoring of all your IT infrastructure, from servers to network devices: in case of critical events, alarms are generated so that you will be able to intervene promptly in order to solve problems.

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Business Continuity – Management of innovative DR environments

Blueit Blueit is able to provide an innovative Business Continuity Service aimed at managing business continuity. It guarantees its Customers the protection of production activities in the face of adverse situations, potentially capable of undermining the correct performance of the business. Specifically, the Service consists of proactive management of incidents involving information systems, allowing (thanks to a suitably pre-defined Business Continuity Plan) to plan the restart of company operations involving all the actors responsible for Disaster Recovery activities.
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