Governance and Management

Blueit was born from the initiative of professionals with extensive and successful experience in the world of Strategic Sourcing in the ICT field.

The company has therefore built on the basis of a structured organizational and managerial model, thanks to which Blueit has developed a very clear identity, a rigorous service culture and a style recognizable in internal and external relations.
The reputation of the entrepreneurial group and the professional track record of management were fundamental for positioning Blueit on the market and subsequently, in step with the results achieved, progressively extended to the company as a whole.
Today, Blueit provides complex infrastructural services for its customers and partners in different industry, from Industrial to Finance to Luxury, and is constantly growing.
The internalization of corporate values has generated enthusiasm and a sense of belonging in management and collaborators, transforming them into the main channel of promotion of the brand and of the business style of Blueit.



Girolamo Marazzi

CMO – Dir. Marketing & Innovation

Paolo Mazza


CFO – Dir. Financial

Girolamo Marazzi


COO – Dir. Operations

Loris Tullii



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