Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Blueit vision_valoriBlueit aims to become a point of reference in the Information Technology sector thanks to its process and innovation skills in IT OutSourcing and in the Cloud field.

In fact, Blueit was born to take the opportunities offered by the radical evolution in the IT world.
It is a dynamic, flexible and lean company which organizational model was born to face the challenges of change and to accompany customers in building a competitive advantage based on efficient processes and technological leverage.

Blueit wants to provide the market with the possibility of not giving up to the high quality standards, the style and the approach to the business to which it is accustomed, in addition offering the maximum in terms of flexibility, speed of response and scalability of solutions. Blueit is committed to accompanying its customers in Digital Transformation, to seize all the opportunities offered by the new Cloud, Mobility e di Social Enterprise. paradigms.

Blueit meets the growing desire of the client to have visibility on the type of technologies, processes, organizational structure and management model that will be used in the provision of the service.

Blueit: your Digital Journey made easy.







We are open to the needs of our customers and we do not fear change.
Every occasion is good to collect important indications on how to improve our approach and our service. Every change is an opportunity to be gathered. We are always ready to support and assist our colleagues in dealing with a change and we trust in their help when we will have to change.

We provide timely and creative proposals to our clients to facilitate the management of their business. Maximum efficiency is the essential condition of our work. The same applies to the modularity and scalability of our solutions.

We love creativity and abstraction, but we know how to keep our feet on the ground and we build clear and solid solutions that are easy to implement.
The quality of service is never in doubt.
We are able to guarantee this thanks to the continuous investment in our expertise and the judgment of the certifications we obtain. Oursolutions are the result of technology at the service of processes and we master them both.







Information is the engine of the business and we manage informations.
Maximum transparency and accessibility are the basis of all the relationships we entertain, towards outside and inside. We are proud to be in a Glass House.

The greatest asset we have is the trust of the customer and the marketing reputation.
We obtain this result because we base our actions on the maximum correctness and integrity. For us there is only one way of doing business: we promote fair business and we believe that there are no compromises on this point.

Curiosity is the way in which we approach the new and the different: we encourage and promote it in all its forms. We know how to look outside the windows of the company and we know how to listen to the stimuli that come to us from the world. We like getting involved and making our skills and energy available to help find solutions that improve the world.
People interest us, the territory hosts us, institutions represent us.
We have great social attention because we are allies in wanting to change the world.

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